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After arriving in New York City as a teenager from Bogotá, Colombia, self-taught Otto Botté has been acclaimed for his engineering work on the multi-platinum projects of Enrique Iglesias, Descemer Bueno, and Deadpool; eventually earning him the 2015 Grammy nomination for Robin Schulz remix of "Waves" by Mr. Probz working alongside his mentor, Mark Christensen. Botté is currently part of the sample-based electronic band Pool Cosby and the engineering team led by Grammy Winning mixer Alex Tumay working on album releases from Santigold, BROCKHAMPTON, and Q.


In 2021, producer Botté would make the transition to the spotlight as an artist with his 5-track debut EP, Dancing Company, Vol. I. Following its success, he continues to evolve with his second single of the year, "Digame Mami" feat. KVN, slated for a September 29th release. The track features captivating bouncing synth basslines with Afro-Caribbean beats and Spanglish laidback vocals, making it a Latin R&B gem. Representing the fusion of Botté's creative and personal journey, Digame Mami could be translated into “tell me, babe,” a chant you will hear throughout the song. Inviting someone to share how they truly feel.


Photography: Melissa Gutierrez

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